• Steel Studs
    (light gauge, heavy gauge & load bearing framing)
  • Insulation
    (batt & rigid insulation, Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation; Spray Thermal Insulation)
  • Drywall
    (gypsum board installation & drywall finishing; Level 5 finishing)
  • Rated Shaftwall Systems
  • Concrete Seal
    (pre-texture & smooth coat for paint)
  • Textured Ceilings
  • EIFS & Textured Acrylic Finish
    (Exterior Insulated Finish System)
  • Stucco & Textured Acrylic Finish
    Lath & Portland Cement Stucco
  • Acoustic T-Bar Ceilings; Metal Linear Ceilings

It is our commitment to work hand in hand with Developers, General Contractors and Construction Managers in constructing “First Class” premiere projects on time and within budget while delivering a very high quality drywall installation.

We pride ourselves in being very client oriented, with service and quality being our number one priority.

View PDF on “How to Explain a Level 5″ from AWCI’s Construction Dimensions

Our hard earned reputation for Superior Quality and Productivity is based on the following services we provide:

Budget & Unit Pricing

We are pleased to provide unit pricing and budget pricing as a service to our valued clients during the building design and pre-construction stages. We also frequently provide our input by offering technical information and cost saving suggestions regarding drywall interior construction assemblies.

Estimating & Project Bids

Our experienced estimating department takes pride in producing extremely detailed estimates that are second to none.

As a service to our clients during the estimating phase, we identify any “grey areas”, ambiguities, conflicting or missing details within the drawings and communicate directly with the client to provide clarification and resolve these issues so a better understanding of the “intent” is achieved.

We provide a very detailed & comprehensive quotation, spelling out clearly & exactly all inclusion & exclusions, and how we propose to construct our wall & ceiling assemblies.

Frequently, we will suggest alternate cost saving methods (“value engineering”) while retaining the required design parameters and ratings of the assemblies.

On-Site Construction Services

Quality and Performance is our top priority during the construction phase, starting with careful planning, attention to detail and working with the Site Superintendents, and Architects during the Lay-Out phase to identify and correct any spatial problems in critical areas (i.e. kitchens & bathrooms) or in areas where clearance is an issue (i.e. corridors).

We often provide lay-out on top of forms as a service to our clients and as a benefit to the other on-site sub-trades, making it easier to pinpoint the location of their service lines.

Our on-site management works closely with our Client’s site personnel to oversee every aspect and detail of our installation, from steel stud framing, insulating & boarding to drywall finishing and concrete seal & textured ceiling application as well as Portland Cement Stucco (PCS) or EIFS systems.

Quality Control

We are proud to provide a comprehensive quality control program whereby our experienced on-site Q.C. expert will perform a very meticulous light check on all drywall surfaces immediately after application of the prime coat of paint, identifying and marking out all drywall related deficiencies. Our skilled team of drywall finishers then remediates these deficiencies (often using tinted drywall compound) and these areas are re-checked by our Q.C. person to ensure they have been properly corrected. Dates of inspection & remediation are recorded.

Project Management / Supervisory Services

Our Team of construction Estimators, Project Managers and on-site Supervisors are among the most seasoned and experienced in the Drywall industry. Together, they have a wealth of experience to draw on to meet all of the challenges faced during the course of construction of any given project. We firmly believe in being Proactive, and that open communication & Teamwork is “Key” between all parties concerned.

Our approach is to identify any potential problems, and to work closely with our Clients and their personnel in solving them, allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow and sequence of work so that the project remains on track and on budget.